Say bye to unattainable
inspirations that is out of reach
Our dedicated team of designers and visionaries harness the power of
AI-driven 3D renderings to bring your renovation project to life.
Shop now
Shop now
Use AI to visualize different style of your house and turn into a shoppable package
AI generates rendered images of different styles in your house based on your design preferences and recommends curated packages.
Browses material packages and pick a design that you like
Our stunning packages allow you to envision your dream project effortlessly. Easier decision making and saving your time to source every single item.
Achieve a comprehensive understanding of project costs with material package estimates
Our user-friendly interface provides transparency on your entire project cost, helping you avoid hidden fees and frustrations after groundbreaking. No more over budget.
Add to cart and pay $1 deposit to receive a high-quality 3D rendering and a full shop-able checklist
An design professional will be assigned to the group chat, connecting you with all stakeholders. They will collaborate with you to discuss project details, generate the rendering, and provide a comprehensive shoppable checklist.
Refine the material checklist and pay the remaining balance
After verifying measurements and suitability of all items in the packages with us, you can proceed with the payment and get ready to receive all the selected items.
Accessing real-time material updates with our tracker to avoid construction delays
Available in both web and mobile app. your contractor can work more efficiently with up-to-date material information, ensuring a smoother workflow on-site and eliminating delays caused by missing items.